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Sebastião Tapajós

Some two weeks ago I was with Sebastião Tapajos in front of my place when his family was walking around, others were playing basketball, kids on the playground or watching dolphins and contemplating the Tapajos river at sunset.
Our friendship started when I was a teenager. He comes from a family resulted from Moroccan Sephardic Jews and cabocos, with great music talents.
My ex-brother in law was his cousin twice removed. He also had developed some small projects with Flavio Serique English School (former Cultura Inglesa).
We used to see each other most occasionally and mutual esteem kept us going.
In the occasion mentioned above I dropped him a draft of my book after sharing with him a few chapters. I got really happy when he suggested to make a composition behind the words of my favorite chapter that describes a boat trip from Santarem to Surucua, my birthplace isolated from Santarem an 8-hour journey.

His latest work, a double album reasoned my first visit to his place in a set of three door knocks.
Third visit to him which lasted a whole afternoon was for dropping him copies of a work he pays tribute to the Tapajos National Forest, a 600.000He. My mother’s family had lived for more than half a century and currently I lead visitors to and run the Jungle Marathon.
Any pomposity that his home would bear was overshadowed by simplicity and clearly he minded more his garden composed of vegetables, medicinal plants and fruiting trees than his clean pool.
He told me about some events in his music career that I had only read or heard from other friends and media.

At his studio ornamented by posters, family and friends photographs disputing limited rooms with CD, LP, books and instrumental relics in dim light, he played and eventually presented Amazon Solos that include a composition inspired in the Amazon Floodplain, the topic of my next writings.

He never minded my camera flash focusing everywhere neither my curiosity that was tuned to his books and LPs.
Musica Popular Brasileira (English version) written by Claus Schreiner, his manager for decades, is not there anymore. It will be after I read it; the same to Darcy by Vera Brant, his friend who shared her life with intellectuals and good and bad Brazilians leaders. At the kitchen, coffee and cheese added more flavor and scent to the chat.
He is probably the only caboco who has more references in the internet that I do. Google him for more and enjoy his music if you like pure, non-commercial Brazilian music, rarely produced today. On his Orkut community, created in time by one of his most selected fan, you can learn more and be part of the pack.

Below you can see some of the shots of this pleasant afternoon we had together. A out of date discography is at the bottom as well, just like some words by Vicente Fonseca about Sebastião Tapajos' latest album

SAMBACHANA-sebastiao tapajos.maria nazareth.arnaldo henriques

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